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Hi, I'm a North Carolina native who moved to the US Virgin Islands to become first mate and cook aboard a beautiful yacht. When I'm not showing off the gorgeous islands of the Caribbean to guests some of my hobbies include: learning about the island culture, traveling to new places, mixing up yummy meals and swimming with sea life.  


Curing Wanderlust

Living simply & freely

I believe taking a step back, enjoying the view, and taking the road less travelled . I started this blog so my family and friends could keep up with where I'm at and what I'm experiencing. Join me on my adventures to new places, exploring unique cultures, and cooking up great meals. I began this journey by only dreaming of becoming a first mate--without ever realizing it would become reality. Within six months, I made tough decisions about who I am versus who I want to be. I sold eighty percent of my personal belongings and traded city life for boat life. Exciting things are happening now and it has only just begun...so I hope you enjoy xx

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