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Curing Wanderlust: One Year Later (& abit)

About a year and half ago, I created this blog, Curing Wanderlust, to share my experiences of living on a boat and travelling to new places. Well, life happened, our charter season began, and we decided to take on a big project so I haven't written an article since. I've been approached by a handful of people about my blog - have I written? Where did it go?

So, I've decided to bring it back with a few changes. Apart of those new changes, Mark has decided to join in on the fun and write articles as well, especially focusing on our Atlantic Crossing and sailing! Super stoked about this. We often get so many questions about our job, the charter yacht, and the vacations we take people on. So we have several links within this website for more information about the Caribbean Vacations and specifications about the new boat, S/V Barefeet Retreat.

A lot has happened in a year, Mark and I are no longer working on Amazing Grace. For the last 11 months, we have been working with the owner of the vessel and the boat building company, Royal Cape, on the creation of the Majestic 570 flybridge addition.

We have spent 6 months living in South Africa and really honing in all of the details for a perfect charter boat. We listened to all of our past guests on little things that would make a big difference in the boat's build and design, for example more lounging spaces.

As the Coronavirus kept spreading, we realized our plan of setting sail for the Virgin Islands might be in jeopardy. By mid-March, S/V Barefeet Retreat was nearing to a finish, we were still waiting on the delivery of our sails, that were being made in a factory in Cape Town. We also had an additional crew member fly in from North Carolina. He landed in South Africa the day that the travel ban from high-risk countries took effect.

By this time, as cases continue to grow, we started taking extra precautions towards our health, including social distancing as much as we could while still preparing the boat for our crossing. A week before we were supposed to set sail, the President of South Africa declared a total 21-day lockdown, except for essential businesses. Several news outlets stated that South Africa has created the most rigid and strict lockdown out of the countries affected so far.

Right now, we are halfway through the lockdown and our plan is to set sail for the islands as soon as it's possible, other factors include the weather and prepping the vessel.

We are super excited to share our future adventures with whomever is reading - & maybe inspire a few people to hop on a sailboat.

Please be on the lookout: We will start posting a few articles about past travels, including sailing to St. Croix, camping in Colorado, setting off for a girls' week in Europe, and highlighting a local game reserve, Tala, here in South Africa.

Mark & Halle

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