• Halle Miller

Hidden Secret of the Caribbean: Little Culebrita

On our sail from St. Thomas to Puerto Rico, Little Culebrita surprised me with so much natural, untouched beauty. This little island was our last stop until we haul out Amazing Grace for Hurricane season.

Little Culebrita is a part of the Spanish Virgin Islands and houses one of the oldest lighthouses in the Caribbean. Aside from being the most gorgeous beach I've laid my eyes on, this stop was unplanned, which made everything sweeter.

Our three hour sail was a pretty choppy and rainy. The dingy snapped off the line underway and it was a mission to get it back in place. In between the rain, I enjoyed the sunshine and jammed out to good music with Mark.

Sailing is definitely one of my favorite parts about this job- I love being in the middle of nowhere with nothing in sight but water and distant islands.

We arrived to Little Culebrita right in time for sunset, the exclusivity of the island was incredible. Directly on the open ocean, we had the pleasure to be the only boat in the bay. I call the sunsets in the Caribbean 360 because you get a different sunset depending on where you are sitting on the boat. One side lights up the island with light pink and blue tones. While the other side, explodes with orange and red colors.

Little Culebrita is only accessible by boat and non-habitable. That night it became one of my favorite islands in the Caribbean. If you ever have the chance, don't miss out on spending a night there. Before we set sail in the morning, I wanted to check out the amazing coast of the island itself. At 5am, we swam ashore to walk along the beach with a few goats and then swam to other side of the bay for a morning snorkel.

In 3 feet of water, I was shocked to see how much life existed. Schools of fish I didn't recognize swam around me. A large spotted eagle ray casually swam a foot away from me. It was a gorgeous way to end an amazing summer. Little Culebrita made a mark on my heart.

Watch a video of the island's beautiful views here.

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