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Port Edward: Breathtaking from Water to Land

Updated: Sep 16, 2018

South Africa is not what the media perceives it to be- within a month the country has opened my eyes to different cultures, untouched sceneries, and a simpler way of living. Since I have arrived, Mark and I have travelled on East coast of South Africa, dabbling in small beach towns, rural farm lands, and even a kingdom in the sky. In a series of three articles, I will describe my experiences starting with Port Edward.

The Coast

I travelled to this small beach town the first weekend I arrived in South Africa. Located an hour away from Durban, it was here when I experienced my first taste of the "Wild Coast". The beaches were unlike anything I've seen compared to the busy, bustling coasts of the United States and the island atmosphere of the Virgin Islands.

We were lucky enough to have accommodation at a lovely beach cottage owned by Mark's parents. Only a few minutes walk from the beach, pathways and roads are surrounded by palm trees and exotic flowers (picture 1).

Once on the beach, I was taken back by the sheer beauty and untouched land this part of South Africa's coast offers. The beach was exotic with beautiful plants growing to the water's edge (picture 2). A normal walk on the beach turned into an adventure, pathways led me through lush rolling hills to stretches of sand with large rock formations (pictures 3,5,6).

The Farms

Port Edward is home to many banana and macadamia nut farms that line the highways and can be seen as far as the eye can see. Along with producing bananas and nuts, this area also has coffee bean farms. I was lucky enough to tour all three types of farms.

We had breakfast at a local banana farm, which has a restaurant on the outskirts of the farm itself. We ate crepes surrounded by large palm trees and curious peacocks (picture 1). Mac Banana also gives you the option to check out the farm by walking to their viewpoint and guided tours. (pictures 3,4)

Beaver's Creek offers a taste of their coffee made start to finish on their property. I drank the best cup of coffee I've ever had walking through the lines of coffee bean trees (pictures 2,5) This place is really cool because if you are into cycling or running, they have beautiful trails throughout the entire farm. Lastly, we visited Mark's friend who runs a macadamia nut farm overlooking a steep gorge and the ocean. Having a cold beer looking over the farm and ocean was my favorite memory of this trip. (picture 6) It was the first time I got to see baboons, who were settling in before sunset.

Overall, Port Edward was the best place I could've spent the first week of living in South Africa. Look forward to my next article featuring Lesotho, a kingdom in the sky!

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